Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Irony, Insensitivity and Incompetance

Doesn't the Museum of "Tolerance" see the irony of its building its new Jerusalem museum right on top of a Muslim cemetery. And what do they plan to do with the bones they find when digging their foundations?

Of course if a museum was being built on a Jewish cemetery in Eastern Europe, the Simon Weisenthal Center- the Museum of Tolerance's parent body - would be leading the outraged charge to stop it.

And what of the Israel Antiquities Authority, that has approved this project? (See the article in Haaretz.) Is it racist? Or incompetent? Or gutless? But it also seems that the IAA can overlook Jewish interests when the political heat is on. It has refused, for example, to comment on whether it approved, or not, construction activity by the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount. Construction that will very likely damage any archaeological materials on the site. (See article here.)

Of course, it could be that the IAA is racist, incompetent and gutless.

But the IAA is a government agency. One should expect such things from faceless bureaucrats. The Museum of Tolerance, however, claims to be a moral force: working for tolerance and respect for all people. Except, it seems for Jerusalem's Muslims.


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