Wednesday, August 15, 2007

JTA's Gain, ...

I have just added - the web site of the Jewish Telegraphic Association - to the list of recommended links at the right side of my blog. That is because they have managed to snag one of the smartest, hippest, and progressive Jewish voices around - Daniel Sieradski (aka Mobius).

Sierdaski was founder, and until recently managing web guru, of Jewshool, Radical Torah, the Orhodox Anarchist, and probably several other Jewish web sites I never even heard of. He is a creative whirlwind, with a sharp eye, a wry sense of humour, a mind that can integrate a dozen different sources, good (though sometimes niaive - IMO) politics, and commitment to to a progressive, open and democratic Jewish future.

You can read about how Mobius created "yesh me eyin" by taking Jewschool from a personal lark to one of the most influential - and cool - Jewish web sites in the world, in this posting by the new publishers of Jewschool. Or read Sierdaski's own description of his Jewschool journey - a typical drash, combining Torah, self awareness, self revelation, and a cry for radical transformation of Judaism and the Jewish community.

Amazingly, Daniel is only 28 years old. In his personal blog entry re this move, he sounds somewhat burned out but also apologetic for taking up a "real paying job" with an establishment organ like JTA. Hey don't sweat it.! If you can transform JTA even somewhat in the vision of Jewschool, you will have done the Jewish world an incredible favour. For myself I am looking forward to seeing a new voice for truth, justice and the true Jewish way !


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