Thursday, November 15, 2007

Magnes on Mukasey

I wrote a few days ago about Michael Mukasey, then nominee for U.S. Attorney General. Well now he has been confirmed despite his refusal to clearly disavow U.S. use of "waterboarding", a torture technique by all accounts. Mr Mukasey is an Orthodox Jews and I fear his new job is more a source of shame - or chilul hashem in fact- than pride.

But rather than read me prattle on about this, go read what "The Magnes Zionist" has to say about this. He says it better than I could. Read it here.

Altogether, this may be my new favorite Jewish blog (now that Jewschool has deteriorated after Mobius' departure for more lucrative pastures.) If you have limited time, go read Magnes' stuff before mine. I will.


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