Saturday, March 01, 2008

Talk, For God's Sake !

As I predicted in my previous post, Israel's heavy bombing did nothing to stop Hamas rocket attacks. Indeed Hamas upped the ante, and lobbed 50 rockets into Israel, including at least 5 Grad missles into Ashkelon.

Israel has now lauched a mini invasion. Today's score: 61 Palestineans killed - at least 21 civilians - and 2 Israeli solders killed too.

There is no military solution !!!

Hamas has offered to talk. Why not take them up on it

See more info here, here, and here.

Is this a radical idea? No. Most Israelis are ready for this move. The March 1 Haaretz, reported that -- "Sixty-four percent of Israelis say the government must hold direct talks with the Hamas government in Gaza toward a cease-fire and the release of captive soldier Gilad Shalit. Less than one-third (28 percent) still opposes such talks."


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