Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Embarrasment of Poverty

What is the opposite of an embarrassment of riches? An embarrassment of poverty? Or is it it just a plain embarrassment.

Here is the list of foreign dignitaries, official state representatives, in Jerusalem this week, specially to mark Israels 6Oth anniversary - by the secular calendar.

President George Bush of the U.S.A,
President Victor Yushchenko of Ukraine,
President Lech Kaczynski of Poland,
President Paul Kagame of Rwanda,
President Michael Saakashvili of Georgia,
President Stjepan Mesic of Croatia,
President Bamir Topi of Albania,
President Blaise Campoare of Burkina Faso,
President Danilo Türk of Slovenia,
President Tommy Remengesau Jr. of Palau,
President Valdis Zatlers of Latvia,
President Nambaryn Enkhbayar of Mongolia,
Prime Minister Robert Fico of the Slovak Republic,
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany of Hungary,
Foreign Minister Sanjaasuren Oyun, of Mongolia,
Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner of France.

Thats it! Fifteen countries represented. Out of over 150 countries in the world. And what a proud crew too.

Not a single Latin American country. All of Asia represented by a single country - Mongolia. France, the only western European country.

What do all these countries have in common. As far as I can tell, only that they all want to - or need to - suck up to the U.S.

With friends like these ....


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