Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Duh !

Prof. Ruth Gabizon a member of the Israel's Winograd Commission that investigated - and condemned - Israels actions in the Lebanon 2 war said at a forum today that there are disturbing similarities between the Gaza and Lebanon wars
Prof. Ruth Gabizon says that like the war against Hizbullah in 2006, the goals of recent military offensive in Strip were unclear and it ended with 'insufficient ceasefire'
For this we killed 1300, wounded 5-7000, brought the anger of the world on us, and convinced even more Arabs then ever that Israel is not interested in peace and prefers war to negotiations?

So why is there not an outcry in Israel, as there was in 2006? Well, obviously, less Israelis where killed and less damage was done by enemy rockets. But maybe this comment by Winograd Commission chair Eliyahu Winograd helps explain it too.
The IDF's conduct during the operation in Gaza proved that it had drawn lessons from the war in Lebanon, at least as far as its relationship with the media was concerned.

There were no leaks by senior officers; the decision to prohibit soldiers from bringing their cell phones to Gaza was implemented in full, and the policy of accessibility to the press, which was supported by the previous chief of staff was abandoned.

The entrance of reporters into the battle zone in Gaza was carried out in coordination with the army, and the IDF Spokesperson's Unit was the main source of information for the media.

It appears that the reporters and anchormen internalized the lessons of the Second Lebanon War and did not compete with one another for scoops. The press cooperated with the Military Censor.
Thank God for the "Free Press"! No wonder Israelis suffer so much from group-think in these matters.

See ynet for the full story.


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