Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victory is Near !!!?

According to today's Jerusalem Post (hardly a bastion of lefty opposition to the Gaza War.)
The military and political setbacks ... have thus far failed to bring Hamas to its knees. Buoyed by the support of the Arab and Muslim street, Hamas appears determined to cling to power regardless of the heavy price.

Although Hamas has been hit hard, not a single Palestinian in the Gaza Strip has raised his voice against the movement and its leaders. Hopes that the massive IDF operation would encourage Palestinians to revolt against a weakened Hamas have not materialized.

If anything, many Palestinians agree, the Israeli offensive has actually boosted Hamas's popularity and undermined the so-called moderates in the Arab world.
So is peace nearer of farther as a result of this war? Should Israel continue to refuse to talk to Hamas, or should it finally bite the bullet and talk to the people who hold de-facto power in Gaza?


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