Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Canada Too - eh

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I spend a lot of my time thinking about Israel. This gets my blood pressure up and my mood down. So, I decided to give myself a break and concentrate on domestic news.

Guess what? Turns out Canada is a mess too.

Two articles on the front page of today's Globe and Mail make the point.

The first is the ongoing investigation into the killing of Robert Dziekanski by RCMP officers at the Vancouver Airport. The fact that he was killed for no reason is bad enough. But the fact that the RCMP glibly lies to cover up their mistakes, that the officers had no real training, that there was no discussion or plan on how to handle Mr Dziekanski, that officers use lethal force without giving it a second thought: all that makes it worse. Worse still, is that no one will go to jail for this killing, no one will be fired, no one will be disciplined.

Read about the lies and the shame here and here .

The second story is even more shocking. The death of Ashley Smith, a 19 year old mentally ill inmate in federal prison, who hanged herself and chocked to death while seven guards watched and did nothing. Not only did they do nothing, they had been ordered to do nothing!! They had been ordered by superiors - this was not the first time Ashley had tried to kill herself - "not to intervene if she is still breathing!" If this is not murder, or at least criminal negligence, what is? And what was the reason for this order? Too much paper work to fill in everytime a guard has to enter a prisoners cell! Ashley was left to die to avoid paper work! Both the guards and the supervisor who gave the order should have been charged. But the crown attorney has decided not to charge anyone. Read this very disturbing story here.
(Update: On last nights news, the head of the union representing the prison guards said that they should not be disciplined because they where "just following orders".)

In both cases it seems our criminal justice system is itself criminal. But in typical Canadian fashion, no one gets too upset: don't wanna rock the boat do we - eh.

* * *

(I think if I want to relax I will have to concentrate on the sports pages.)


Anonymous Shmuel said...

If Canadian sports are anything like Italian sports - corruption, violence, racism, cover-ups - you'd better just stick to the weather. Oh yeah, forgot about climate change.


2:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you, eh

1:09 am  

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