Monday, June 01, 2009

Gotcha! (well maybe not)

You've got to hand it to the Israeli government. They sure have chutzpah!

In response to the a statement by the U.S. State Department clarifying that President Obama's call for a freeze on all Israeli construction in the occupied territories includes occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli Government Press Director Daniel Seamen responded:

“I have to admire the residents of Iroquois territory for assuming that they have a right to determine where Jews should live in Jerusalem.”
(see story in the Philadelphia Bulletin)

Touche you hypocritical Americans ! You have the gall to criticize us for what you yourself did, and got away with!

This may not be the best way to win friends and influence people in Washington. Though scalping Indians probably does still appeal to the more conservative and jingoistic U.S. politicians, and I believe Andrew Jackson still appears on the $20 bill, it has fallen into disrepute among the majority of the American population. But you have to give the Seaman credit for his honesty.

Of course, this does put Israel into the same category as the U.S. (and Canada) - a European Settler State that stole land from the indigenous people, slaughtered them, and still continues in its failure to compensate their descendants or honour its treaties with them. Israel doesn't usually admit to this - claiming instead that the Jews are the true indigenous people and the Arabs are the ruthless newbies. (And to be fair, America and Canada have treated their native people much worse than Israelis did the Palestinians - no smallpox infested blankets.)

But maybe Seaman should have kept his thoughts to himself. If the Palestinians are listening, this will do nothing to make them want to compromise or sign treaties with Israel. Look where that got the North American Indians.


Anonymous Shmuel said...

Don't worry. Consistency is to hasbarah as fish are to bicycles.

3:52 am  

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