Friday, October 09, 2009

Diplomatic Bullshit !

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize! What bull!!

Here is a guy who has expanded the war in Afghanistan, and is likely to expand it more; who has achieved zero, - nada, zip, efes, klum - on the Israel/Palestine file - and may have even set back peace and justice by showing how much of a paper tiger he is; who has worked actively to suppress the Goldstone Report - an attempt to bring international law and human rights to bear on an intractable and viscous conflict; who has not yet solved the Iran-nukes problem ...

What exactly has he done for peace? Begun to wind down U.S. involvement in Iraq? That would have happened any way. The Nobel committee claims its because of "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation." I guess thats code for not being George Bush: for not kicking sand in the face of other countries, for making Europe feel wanted again. Thin soup, in my opinion.

My wife says that its because he is the first black President, and that alone will lead to better race relations around the world. But that is not Obama's doing. That prize should have gone to the American voters.

In any case, I predict that this will devalue the Nobel Peace Prize, and it will not buy Obama any points with middle or conservative America, who, in any case, have no respect for, and in fact suspicion of, lilly livered Norwegians.

Maybe, just maybe, it will make Obama want to live up to the Nobel's expectations and put some spine in those noble words of his. But don't hold your breath.


Anonymous Shmuel said...

Obama for Moshiach!

8:43 am  

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