Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conflict? What Conflict?

"Vistas of Judea and Samaria: Where's the Conflict?" That's the caption that appears under the above photo in a new pamphlet issued by the Israeli government. It is aimed at Israelis travelling abroad. It attempts to recruit them in Israel's propaganda war.

It contains such gems as:
"Say with confidence that Israel will never give up its hope for peace."
"No Arab or Palestinian State ever existed in the Land of Israel"
(Reminds me of Golda Meir's claim that "there is no such thing as Palestinians.")

And it offers inspiring photos like the ones below:

Israel: Exotic successes in the field of agriculture

Its not like they think: Israel is beautiful

I guess if the coloured cauliflower don't convince them that Israel is in the right, then maybe the pretty girls will!

Hebrew readers can learn more about this ridiculous campaign here.


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