Saturday, July 03, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

This is why some American Jews think the Palestinians are greedy, uncompromising, and unreasonable. It our land after all.

It is also why so many other American Jews don't want anything to do with the organized Jewish community.

The photo above appeared in the Forward online edition, in an article about Jewish camping. The photo was supplied by the Foundation For Jewish Camp.

Apparently no one, at either the Forward (America's premier "Liberal" Jewish newspaper or the Foundation), noticed, or if they noticed they were not bothered by, the "map" the young girl is climbing. It shows an undivided "Greater Israel". There is no Green Line: no delineation of the West Bank or Gaza. Hebron, in this map, is as Israeli as Arad; Gaza as Ashdod. It is all shown as part of the State of Israel. (And yet the organized Jewish Community complains bitterly about Palestinian school children being taught from maps of Palestine that show only one country, do not delineate Israel, and with all the place names in Arabic.)

And while the camp operators haven't even acknowledged Israel's withdrawal from Gaza (echoing the right wing opposition in Israel that wants Gaza taken back), the young girl seems to get at least that (if only subconsciously.) She has just taken her boot of of Gaza, but she is still clinging firmly to Hebron.


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