Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We May Never Know The Truth For Sure,
But Everyone Will Ask, "What Is Israel Hiding?"

As I suspected it might, Israel is refusing to allow the U.N. committee investigating the flotilla massacre - and on which Israel itself has a representative - to question Israeli soldiers involved in the affair, (see details here.) So much for winning hearts and minds, or appearing to be a good world citizen.

The only way to form an intelligent and truly informed opinion about whether or not Israel used excessive force and about who was responsible for the 9 deaths, is to question the people involved and examine physical evidence. By refusing access to its soldiers and to all the physical evidence it seized - both to the U.N. committee and to it own internal civilian investigative panel (the Turkel committee) Israel is only strengthening the claims of those who say Israel trying to hide something and therefore must be guilty.


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