Friday, March 11, 2011

Is That Jewish News?

The front page headline in the current issue of the Canadian Jewish News reads "New IDF defence system protects tank." My son, who is not a regular reader of the Jewish press, came home to visit, saw the CJN headline and asked incredulously, "Is that Jewish News? Is that the most important Jewish story they had to report on this week?" Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see the absurdity of a situation.

Of course there were many more important Jewish stories to report on. And there are dozens of general stories of Jewish interest more important than this (Lybia anyone?) And there are even plenty of Israel-centric stories more import and interesting than this one. But the CJN headline exemplifies how the Jewish Community has been reduced to an Israel cheer leading club - and a simplistic and militaristic one at that. Cheering on Israel has become the Community's primary mission, its primary content, and its primary message. Is it any wonder that we are losing the younger generation?


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