Sunday, June 19, 2011

Na Nach Nachman

More fun and joy brought to you by those wild and wacky Bratslav Hassidim! What started out as a soleful, introspective, and deeply psychological brand of Hassidism has morphed into a bunch of racists goons.

The graffiti above was scrawled on an Arab shop just inside the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The text reads:

Na Nach Nachman of Uman

He is not a prophet,
Just another Arab,
His beard is full of lice,
He sells goat cheese,
He's a construction worker
Even when he fasts on Ramadan,
Muhamed, homo son of a whore,

Muhamed is dead
Muhamed is dead
Death to Arabs!

(It rhymes in Hebrew)

So next time you see one of those kippas with the Bratsalver motto "Na Nach Nachman Me'Uman"" don't smile and think its cute; go tell the wearer what you think of it.


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