Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Judaism is the Answer"

The long time slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood has been "Islam is the answer." Israel (and Judaism) is now faced with its own "Jewish Brotherhood" which is getting stronger and bolder by the day.

In an recent interview, Benny Katzover, a long time leader of the settlement movement made this explicit.
"the main role of Israeli democracy now is to disappear. Israeli democracy has finished its role, and it must disassemble and give way to Judaism. All leads toward recognition that there is no other way but to place Judaism at the center, above all else, and this is the answer to every situation."
This should not surprise us. It is completely in keeping with the underlying theory espoused by the "guru" of religious Zionism, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. Writing in the 1920s, he posited that secular liberal (or even socialist) Zionism was actually God's (mysterious) way of fulfilling the religious messianic vision of a renewed Jewish "Kingdom of God" in the land of Israel. Of course the secular Zionists did not understand this themselves: that they were but a stepping stone to the Kingdom of God. But religious Zionists should, and that is why they should cooperate with the seculars. Katzover is merely pointing out that the seculars have now fulfilled their mission and its is time for them (and their corrupt values, like Democracy and Peace) to fade away and hand over power to God's agents on earth - i.e Katzover and the Rabbis. This is the basic thesis of most religious Zionism. This is the world view is taught in the "National Religious" school system and yeshivot in Israel. (About 30% of Israels 'children attend such schools. The ultra-Orthodox "Separate School" system has about 20%, the Arab system about 20% and the "State" -i.e. secular Hebrew - system about 30%.). Its also taught in many Jewish schools in the diaspora.

Liberal Jews, should know what we are up against.

Read more details of the Katzover interview in Haaretz.


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