Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Israeli Legal System Is Crumbling

Five settlers who were convicted as part of a plea bargain of running a "war room" to track IDF movements and block any potential action to demolish illegal outposts will be given light sentences: three to five month in prison for two, and fines for the others. (See JP here.) The accused were charged with providing to others military information about the IDF, conspiracy to commit a felony, disturbing law enforcement. This, in relation to an attack against the Efraim Brigade base in December 2011. During that attack, 50 activists shocked the country by storming the IDF base, assaulting the deputy brigade commander, burning tires, spreading nails on a road and throwing stones and paint bottles at vehicles.

Five months! For planning an attack on an IDF base!

In Tel Aviv, a person charged with throwing fire bombs into 8 residences housing African migrants, took a plea bargain to merely being an accomplice to the fire-bombings. He will serve six months of community service. (See Haaretz here.)

Community service for a fire-bombing!!

Meanwhile, Anat Kamm, who leaked IDF documents to Haaretz showing that senior commanders authorized targeted killings - in direct contradiction to Israeli Supreme Court rulings - is currently serving 4 and a half years in prison.

The Israeli courts are bowing more and more to rightist pressure. The vaunted liberal Israeli legal system is crumbling before our eyes.

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