Friday, May 16, 2008

UJA / IsraAid Help Out in Burma

"Oh Blessed Exteriority"
- Emanual Levinas
Out of the terible tragedy in Burma, their is at least one thing we can be proud of.

The UJA and its partner IsraAid are collecting funds and are on the ground in Burma helping out after the cyclone Nargis disaster.

I gave money. So should you.

Im ani rak li, az ma li?
- Hillel

Ken yirbu - not cyclones: we have enough disasters, thank you very much! But outwardly focused projects. May we live to see the day when these types of projects in the mainsteam Jewish community are so normal as not to worthy of comment.

As Levinas says, quoting the Berdichever Rebbe:
My neighbours physical well being, is my spititual well being


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