Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Before We Get Carried Away ...

Obama supported at Grant Park, Chicago

Before we all get carried away let's remember what Obama himself said last night:

"This victory alone is not the victory we seek, its is only the chance for us to make that change..."

Lets not forget that:
  • 47% of Americans still voted for McCain / Palin despite Bush, the economy, Obama's huge advantage in money, McCain's cranky eraticness, Palin's wacko stupidity, and a near technically perfect Obama campaign.
  • 4 States approved anti-gay propositions, including Californians who voted to undo the states existing right to same sex marriage.
  • 2 States voted to end affirmative action (and conservative bloggers are already calling for its repeal country wide. "Now that there is a black president, there clearly are no more race based barriers."
  • The Democrats did less well then expected in Congressional races.
  • Obama promises to increase the war in Afghanistan - a big mistake IMO.
  • America's economic woes are so huge that no president can fix them in 4 years.
  • Global warming is likely so far gone that the best we can hope for - even if Obama delivers everything he promised - will still be very disruptive.
I could go on.

I guess I am a glass half empty kinda guy.


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