Sunday, October 19, 2008

Money Talks

"Money Talks Nobody Walks" went the old jingle for "Union Clothiers, Rte 22 Union New Jersey." Maybe money will bring peace - or at least less hatred - to the Middle East.

The lulav I bough this year came from Egypt: the etrog from Morocco.

And according to today's New York Times, the huge Swiss bank Credit Suisse has just been bailed out by parties taking significant equity positions. Parties from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Israel - Koor Industries in the later case.

Will the profit motive overcome all? I doubt it. But maybe it will mitigate the conflict somewhat. Is there a lesson here? Maybe that the road to peace in Israel/Palestine should go through joint economic development.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The lulav I bough this year came from Egypt: the etrog from Morocco."

That's because last year was a shmita year- so the etrogim and lulavim from Israel and its occupied territories had to be picked after Rosh Hashana--mine were from chutz l'aretz too-- Calabria

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