Monday, November 10, 2008

Rahm's Dad Should Keep His Views To Himself

As noted in a previous posting Obama's new Chief of Staff is the son of an Israeli immigrant to the U.S. And a talkative, right wing and bigoted one too at that it would seem.

The graphic above is a poster for the Irgun, the para-military (some would say terrorist) organization that the senior Mr. Emanuel belonged to in the 194o's. "But that was a long time ago" you say. And yes it was.

But in an interview last week with the Israeli Hebrew language daily Maariv Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, offered the following bon mots. (The translations is mine).

"It is clear [Rahm] will influence the President to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn't he? Is he an Arab, hired to wash the floor tiles at the White House?" ...

"[Obama and Rahm] are good friends. You have nothing to worry about in Israel. We have a fantastic State. [Rahm and I] live in America, but we think about you all the time."

OK, the guys 82 years old, and his own brother was killed by Arabs in 1933, but it would better for all concerned if he just kept his opinions to himself.


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