Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel's Unilateral Cease Fire Starts
How Long Will It Last?

Israel's unilateral cease fire in Gaza went into effect about 2 hours ago. Israeli troops are still in Gaza. They still surround Gaza City and occupy virtually all the area to the north of the city. If they where doing this while they worked out a longer term deal with Hamas, this might make some sense. But Israel doesn't want a deal with Hamas.

So how long will they stay? Israeli sources say - until Hamas stops shooting. And in the meantime the IDF has been told to return fire if fired upon, and to strike against every rocket launch site.

Does any one expect Hamas to not fire at Israeli soldiers inside Gaza, or to cease it rocket fire without making any gains e.g. open borders to Egypt.

We will see, but I doubt it. Hope I am wrong.


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