Friday, March 20, 2009

A Terrorist Threat ??

Both the Canadian Government and the Canadian Jewish Congress have lost all sence of proportion. Today the Canadian Government banned British MP George Galloway from entering Canada because he is a "terrorist threat" because he supports Hamas. (He claims that he doesn't.)

The CJC lauded the decision to refuse Galloway entry. CJC Co-President Sylvain Abitbol offered,
"We applaud the Canadian government for keeping George Galloway, a man who
thrives on his support of terrorists, out of Canada,"

Now I may not always agree with Galloway, but he is no terrorist. Just an oustpoken politician who has strong views against the Afghan War, and Israel's policies vis a vis the Palestineans. That our Conservative government has no respect for diversity of opinion, freedom of expresion or human rights, and activley seeks out wedge issues to show off its bona fides, is no surprise. But I guess I am still naive enough to be dissapointed when the CJC goes along for the ride.

See the full story in the Toronto Star.


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