Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Israel Lobby"?
What "Israel Lobby"?

Walt and Mearsheimer must be laughing up their sleeves.

John Stewart has explained the workings of the Israel Lobby so even (or maybe only) a five year old gets it.

Too see this segment follow this link to the Comedy Network then find the clip labeled "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (04 / 28 / 09) Clip 2 of 4".

Click. Relax. Enjoy and learn.

By the way, Haim Saban, the alleged financier of the proposed tit for tat, is not only very rich, and a major Democratic Party donor and fund raiser, he is also an ardent Zionist. (Look up the "Saban Foundation".)

For more background read here, here, and here, or just Google "Jane Harman."

Why is this still back page news? Maybe its because of the ... no that would just be paranoia.


Anonymous Shmuel said...

Brilliant. Here's the link for those of us outside NA:

The Harman clip is at min. 7:50.

3:37 am  

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