Friday, April 03, 2009

Two Good Links

I just spent some quality time perusing Bernard Avishai's blog, and came across two interesting stories.

The first is about how the Israeli health care system is a paragon of good Jewish Arab relations within Israel and might serve as a model for the rest of Israeli society. Too bad the Israeli health care system does not treat West Bank Arabs like it treats West Bank Jews: but that would be asking too much. Still a half full glass is better than an empty one.

The second is Avishai's article - and, better still, the comments - on the current economic crisis and the "Krugman vs Geithner" affair. Its like a primer on the recession and its possible cures. Fascinating and educating.

My own view? - break up the big American banks, fire most of the top execs, and let the lending classes take their lumps. Someone's gotta pay, and better them then those who where too poor or too prudent to play high stakes poker. Given the choice, I'd rather save GM than CitiBank.


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