Friday, October 01, 2010

This Is Happenning In Jerusalem - "The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People"

What's shocking about this story is not that it happened (sadly it is all too common in Gaza or the West Bank), but where it happened.

This happened in Jerusalem - "The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People." In an area within Israel "proper" (at least according to Israel), subject to Israeli law (not military law), and whose victims are legal residents of Israel (with legal papers to prove it) and some of whom are Israeli citizens (residents of East Jerusalem were automatically given Israeli residency status after Israel's 1967 annexation; they were also given the right to apply for, and easily receive, Israeli citizenship, though only some availed themselves of this right.)

Read the full story on the Tikun Olam site (and follow the links for more background on the "Silwan Riot", itself caused by the killing of an Arab resident by a Jewish security guard), but here is an excerpt. It gives you an idea of how even Israeli Arabs (as opposed to "occupied Arabs") are treated.

Recently, I was on the ground and witnessed soldiers urinating and defecating on the roofs of private Palestinian homes, throwing bottles (water and beer) on to Palestinians pedestrians on the street and breaking windows left and right. From the ground [live] I tweeted:

Soldiers are trashing roof tops with urine and feces in Silwan. We are cleaning up and putting the waste in front of the settler house”

“The police have no shame at all. They have broken a window now and poked their heads into the house demanding coffee”

“They are also throwing bottles from roofs on to the main streets.”

By way of a thought experiment, imagine the L.A. police acting this way during and after a riot in a black neighborhood. How would America have reacted - even in the 60's? And how has Israel reacted? Despite widespread reporting of these incidents in the Israeli media, the police defend themselves, the government takes no action, and the public is indifferent.


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