Wednesday, January 05, 2011

If Ya Gotta Go ...

I really liked these videos.

The back story is that Rabbi Menachem Froman - the man in the videos with the long white beard seated at the table - has recently been diagnosed with advanced and inoperable cancer. In response he organized an evening of prayer and singing with his students, followers, and supporters. The guy playing the guitar is Ehud Banai a famous Israeli entertainer.

Froman is an unusual and controversial character. He is a settler, but also "pro peace". He thinks that in return for peace Israel should give back all the territories and settlers should be able to stay as citizens of the Palestinean state. He also believes that it is the truly religious people that can bring peace since they all believe in God, and for this reason he has had several meetings with Muslim clerics associated with Hamas. Some people think he is a saint, some people think he is a hypocrite, and some people think he is a fool.

But no matter what you think of Foreman's politics, what is amazing about the videos is the "kavana" and the joy of Rabbi Froman and his supporters. They may (or may not) believe that this session is about getting God to heal Rabbi Froman, but what it is certainly doing is letting him bask in the love of his friends and followers and letting them feel his charisma and joy. Rather than mope about his fatal illness, Rabbi Froman has chosen to live out his time bravely, intensly and joyfully. May we all be blessed to have such strength and such supporters when our time comes

The video at the top is an Israeli popular song - Hayom.

Below are three more videos from the same evening..

L'maan Achai vRe'ay (For the sake of my brothers and friends)

Haneshama Lach

23rd Psalm (The Lord is my Sheppard)

And thanks to Tikkun Olam for putting me on to this.


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