Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy Hannukah

The video above is sorta funny, but also kinda sad. It stereotypes the proud Christian vs the awkward Jew. The Christian knows exactly why he celebrates Christmas and the Jew is confused about Hannukah and more than a bit embarrassed. The whole thing can be summed up by the line that Colbert gives in response to Stewart's invitation to try a bit of Hannukah: "I'll keep Jesus you can keep your potato pancake"

On the other hand two insightful and more meaningful takes on the holiday can be found. One by Doniell Hartman of the Harman Institute of Jerusalem is remarkable not only for what it says, but by the fact that it is being written by a modern Orthodox Rabbi in Israel. It is a ray of sunshine in what often seems the ghettoizing narcissism of most of the Israeli religious circles. The second, by J.J. Goldberg, reminds us of the more problematic side of Hannukah and of many more recent revolutionary movements.

Finally to lighten the mood, and get into a positive holiday mood, we have this Israeli video which declares that everyone has a unique flame in their hearts and when we unite all the flames ... well things will be really good


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