Monday, March 21, 2011

Just What The Canadian Jewish Community Needs:
More Tunnel Vision, Less Democracy

A major reorganization of the Canadian Jewish Community is in the works. Under the plan, the Canadian Jewish Congress will be absorbed into a single Canadian Jewish advocacy organization with "greater focus on Israel". In addition CJC's current (albeit somewhat token) grass roots representatives and its semi-democracy will be replaced by a board made up entirely of big donors. Major staff cuts are also anticipated.

This is exactly the opposite of what Canadian Jewry needs if it is to survive and - dare we dream - thrive. We need more Jewish focus on social justice and human rights issues. We need more focus in Jewish education. We need more focus on local Jewish culture and local Jewish politics. Instead, the powers that be continue to identify Judaism with support of Israel to the exclusion of all else. This is a recipe for the alienation of most young Jews over the coming years. As is the planned complete replacement of democratic control of Jewish institutions with the unmitigated and unashamed rule of the rich.

A very thorough story on this pending re-organization appears in the Forward. As to why this story has not been covered as thoroughly in the Canadian Jewish News - well read above about the who rules.


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check out this movie about canada and purim!

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