Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boycott !

Today the Israel Knesset passed the anti-boycott law.

In response, I am asking all my readers to boycott Israeli wines made in the occupied territories or from grapes grown on settlements in the occupied territories. These include wines from the following labels:

  • Golan

  • Teperberg 1870 Winery

  • Binyamina

  • Tishbi

Carmel wines have also been named by some as having vineyards in the territories, but the exact status of this is not clear (at least not to me.)

You can find a complete list of smaller Israeli wineries in the territories in this report (pages 40 and 41.) I am asking readers to boycott such wineries as well. In fact, this report shows how most of the Israeli wine industry is involved in exploitation of the occupation, but tries to hide the embarassing facts from overseas buyers.

The reason to boycott these labels is that they exploit the land and water of the occupied territories for the exclusive benefit of Jews and Jewish owned industry without asking permission of the Palestinians or compensating them fairly. Israel rules these territories for the benefit of its citizens almost exclusively, and not, as both law and morality require, for the benefit of the native inhabitants - the Palestinians.

Peace Now is also calling for a boycott of settlement products. I hope more such calls will follow.

We must not be cowed by this anti-democratic law. And, for the record, my Israel ID number is 6554089.


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