Friday, October 05, 2012

More Proof That The Official Canadian Jewish Community Has Lost Its Moral Compass

Here is more proof the official Canadian Jewish Community organizations have embraced the right. The web site The Daily CLIC  (sponsored by CIJA), referring to an article in the Toronto Star, attacks Liberal Party leadership candidate Justin Trudeau with this line.

" is a fact that today, Israel's closest friend and supporter is Canada. Any political candidate, introduced by the lead actor of Little Mosque on the Prairie, is likely going to lessen this precious support."
Really!  Little Mosque on the Prairie - and innocuous feel good comedy about Muslims in a mythical "white bread"  prairie town - is the enemy?? I guess all Muslims are by definition not to be trusted, and any politician who addresses or is addressed by Canadians Muslims is not to be trusted either.

This is how low the Canadian Jewish establishment has sunk.

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