Monday, February 11, 2013

More Israeli Construction in the West Bank Signals No to Peace

The Israeli government has given final approval to construction 90 new home in Bet El. (See here.) This should be a signal to all, that Netanyahu and his current coalition partners (including HaBayit HaYedudi and Shas who are likley to continue in his next coalition) have no intention of allowing a viable Palestinian state to arise in the occupied territories. Yair Lapid, and Tzipi Livni - be warned!

Bet El is outside any of the large "settlements blocks", and is in fact just to the north of the Palestinian Authority's capital, Ramallah. Israeli control of Bet El cuts off Ramallah from the north, while Israeli control of east Jerusalem, Maalleh Adumim and the E1 area (also slated for Jewish only development) cuts it off from the south.

One has to ask: "Why would Netanyahu and his coalition praters would be investing millions of dollars to expand Bet El if they had any intention of relinquishing it any time soon." The answer, unfortunately is  obvious.

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