Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar's Message to Israel

For your pre Oscars reading pleasure: this article appeared in the Forward.
“The Gatekeepers” and “5 Broken Cameras” have already succeeded in breaking one of Israel’s biggest taboos: airing out its dirty laundry on the big screen, for the whole world to see. Now the two films are both heading to the biggest stage of all: the Academy Awards. 
If either one of the films from Israel/Palestine wins in the Best Documentary category, it will be a symbolic achievement for all those who believe Israeli government policies and the occupation are untenable and want to see it held accountable for the violent cycle Israelis and Palestinians continue to be in. 
But there are salient and important differences between the films. ....
Read the a full article at the Forward .

I would only add that,

1) even if neither of these films win (and my prediction - though not hope - is that "The Invisible War" will win) the Oscars are still sending an important message to Israel: The Whole World Is Watching - this issue will not go away even if Israelis themselves prefer to discuss the price of cottage cheese, "sharing the burden", or the proper place for Talmud in Israeli society;

2) if you haven't seen these films yet, go see them!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Syd! I will surely try to see them.

10:14 pm  

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