Sunday, October 10, 2010

Check It Out

My son thinks my obsession with Israel is beside the point. He thinks, and he may be right, that the environmental crisis, and global warming in particular, is the number one problem facing all humanity - including Jews, Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians.

And he takes his beliefs seriously. He had decided several years ago to become an organic farmer. In order to minimize his carbon footprint he decided to go "low tech" and farm, as much as possible, with horses instead of tractors.

After apprenticing and working on other peoples farms for 5 years, he is now starting up his own farm and community supported agriculture project (CSA.) You can check out his web site and blog at If you live near Guelph or Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario you can join the CSA and get good fresh organic produce to pick up, or to be delivered to your door, starting May 2011. Check it out.


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