Monday, November 08, 2010

Zionist Art

According to Haaretz, Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport has announced a new award for "Zionist Arts"
So now Israel not only has an official religion but also an official ideology and art. (Loyalty oaths to the Zionist State no doubt coming soon.)
Imagine, by way of comparison, if the U.S. government instituted prizes for "Capitalist Arts". Wasn't this tried already with "Socialist Art" in the Soviet Union and with [name withheld] art in a certain 1930's central European country?
When the state starts supporting certain art and suppressing others, its bad for art and bad for the state. And when art becomes overtly polemical it usually becomes bad art. (OK! "Guernica" is an obvious exception.)
On the other hand, it is often historically interesting ...


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