Monday, April 11, 2011

Barak to Most Israelis: F**k Off!

In a radio interview yesterday, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak made the following remarkable statement:

"Those who came here in order to set up a national home, have to know how to stand firm. Those who want complete quiet - there is Finland and there is western Europe, and they can go there."

In other words, if an Israeli is not prepared for eternal warfare, death and destruction and the constant threat of death and destruction, and of the neverending oppression and ongoing killing of the enemy, then they should leave! In other words, if you want a normal life, you have no place in todays Israel.

Would any other leader (or should I say, non-fascist leader) say such a thing to his citizens? "Embrase the storm and fury, or get out!"

This completed Baraks move from Labour to the Likud. This also points out (yet again) the Revisionist Zionist (aka para-fascist) take over of the Israeli mainstream. Zionism was always an amalgam of overlapping goals and ideas. Labour Zionism stressed a Jewish homeland as a means of allowing Jews to participate in the socialist "march of history" and to create a model society based on social justice. Herzl's Zionism stressed protecting Jews from anti-Semitism, and a national home was merely a means to that end. For Revisionist Zionism, on the other hand, nationalism and a National Home, and the pride and standing that that would engender, where central: more so than social justice and even more so than protecting Jewish lives and/or providing Jews with normal lives. Strength and fighting and standing up for your rights are, in fact, what life is all about, in this world view. And that is what underlies Barak's remarkable remarks.


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