Sunday, July 17, 2011

Every Day Racism

In a racist society, the racism is everyday and so casual its purveyors and witnesses hardly notice. Like the casual way white Mississippians might have used a phrase like "the good white folk of this state" circa 1952. So pay close attention to this quote, from member of Israel's Knesset and Kadima representative on the Knesset Finance Committee, Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich. Speaking at a demonstration (actually a tent city "sleep-in") in Tel-Aviv against high rents in that city, she said:
"The housing crisis didn't happen because we don't have money. It's because we don't have compassion. We're lacking values. [So far so good - but wait.]... I won't tolerate a Jewish State where Jews don't have homes. I want Israel to be the best place to live." [See full article in the Jerusalem Post.]
The fact that 20% of the population is not Jewish and many of them are living in overcrowded or even third world conditions, is simply not a concern of this member of Knesset from Israel's "liberal" opposition party - the one that is supposed to give us "lefties" hope if only they can come to power.


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