Monday, September 12, 2011

Why, In An American Museum, Is It Easier To Acknowledge The Suffering Caused by America in Iraq, Than the Suffering Caused By Israel in Gaza?

The headline says it all?

The fact that it is considered wrong or dangerous to publicly acknowledge the pain and suffering of Palestineans is very sad and very disturbing.

Read the story of how an Oakland museum banned children's art from Gaza in this story from the San Fransisco Chronicle.

There will be no solution, and certainly no reconcilliation, until each side can acknowledge the pain of the other. And Americans can't hope to be honest brokers until they acknowledge the fears and suffering of both sides.

Beyond that, to refuse to see - or to be shown - suffering, is simply to be less human.

You can see more of the children's pictures that were banned at the facebook page of the Middle East Children's Association.


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