Saturday, August 06, 2011

300,000 Demonstrate For Social Justice In Israel

300,000 demonstrate for social justice in Israel. Its about time! Now if they could only link the struggle for social justice with the struggle against the occupation and with the struggle for equality of ALL Israeli citizens, that would be a real break through. As it is the demonstrations are very amorphous and still too well behaved to have a real effect. Lets hope that changes for the better.

My favourite slogan: "The Welfare State Shall Rise Again." - only because it runs so counter to the usual neo-liberal orthodoxy we are fed daily in the western media.

Bibi's (a neo-liberal even more than he is a hawk) response so far: to decrease government oversight of the construction and real-estate markets.

What's also interesting is how the biggest demonstrations in Israel in 30 years are getting almost zero coverage in the western MSM.

Below, another video of the demonstration. The main chant heard is "The people want social justice."


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