Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry & Christian Zionism

Apostle Don Finto was a keynote speaker at Governor Rick Perry's Aug 6th Prayer Rally in Houston. Together with "Messianic Rabbi" Marty Waldman he delivered the "Prayer For Israel." Rick Finto is a leading member of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) whose mission is to convert the Jews, and to convince evangelicals of the importance of such. In a 2001 book he wrote:

"I have become convinced that Rabbinic Judaism is a more severe departure from biblical faith than I had ever realized in my early days of Jewish recovery...The atmosphere of New Testament carried on the spirit of the Hebrew Scriptures pervasively and profoundly. The essence of Rabbinism is a severe departure, replacing revelation with human reason...We who are Jewish are biblical New Covenant Jews, not Rabbinic Jews!"

I actually think the part about replacing revelation with reason was insightful and complimentary, but then I realized that coming in context and from Finto it is meant to be inciteful and anything but complimentary.

For a fuller (and scarier) discussion of this, of Christian Zionism in general, and its links to the Perry rally (and therefore to Perry himself) see

All this would be merely piquant, if it were not for the $100s of millions raised and spent every year by the Christians Zionists and if Rick Perry (now only 5 "points" back of Obama in opinion polls) was not so closely associated with them.

h/t to Richard Silverstein


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