Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Yom Kippur

Read all about it at Hufpo , 972mag, and Daily KOs.

May this be the beginning of a Shana Tova.


Blogger Alexander Bimman said...

Morning after Yom Kippur, this is a 'pshat' attempt to follow the logic of the last sentence of this message:
In trying to repair the world, should we not husband our resources budgeted for 'defending'? And if so, should we not expect of the
Saudis, who on behalf of 800M+ Muslims fund educational and related community causes in the Arab world, to sponsor efforts to defend 'the Palestine'? And rely on Hamas and Hezbollah to do their share to that same end? A simple examination of the fortification in Southern Lebanon erected by Hezbollah after the last war proves the magnitude of resources put at Hezbollah's sponsors. Surely they do not need OUR support in this?

12:00 pm  

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