Sunday, March 18, 2012

Israel - Iran Love Fest?

Didi Reider at +972 reports on an Israel-Iran solidarity movement on Facebook. The image above and the one below where sent by an Iranian and an Israeli respectively, and are part of many more posted there.

Reider adds his own thoughts:
So what does it all mean? Quite simply, that neither party has any appetite for a war right now. As an Iranian first strike on Israel is not even on the cards right now, Iranian opposition to war may come as no surprise. But it’s important to stress the Israeli opposition to war reflected above is also far from an abstract “make love not war” one. A recent survey found a whopping 50 percent of Israelis were totally opposed to an attack on Iran, even if the diplomatic efforts to stall the nuclear program failed. 43 supported the move, .... An earlier survey that specifically asked if Israel should attack on Iran on its own found 65 percent of Israelis were opposed.

Although I’m normally very cynical on just how much leaders care for public opinion when making a decision to go to war, we should remember Netanyahu is first and foremost a populist and that this is an election year.... In this situation, such campaigns might – just might – add a few grams of pressure on Netanyahu to stay his hand.
Read the full article and see more images at +972.


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