Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Most Israelis Agree: Israel Practices "Some" Apartheid

According to a story in Haaretz, a recent poll of Israeli Jews shows that:
  1. a majority agree that Israel practices apartheid "in a few fields" or "in many fields,"  
  2. only 31% percent objected to calling Israel an "apartheid state" and said "there's no apartheid at all," 
  3. a third wants a law barring Israeli Arabs from voting for the Knesset today, 
  4. and 69 percent objects to giving 2.5 million Palestinians the right to vote if Israel annexes the West Bank.
The survey was conducted by Dialog on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. The survey was commissioned by the Yisraela Goldblum Fund and is based on a sample of 503 interviewees. You can read the rest of the troubling statistics here and here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To learn the truth about Amiram Goldblum, who initiated this "survey," go to www.isracampus.com

1:39 pm  
Blogger Sydney Nestel said...

Just to clarify, for those who may have followed the link sited above and who cannot read Hebrew, the NIF did NOT disavow this survey. It merely pointed out that it did not commission or fund it, and in fact is not associated with it. (This, to counter claims that NIF was behind this survey.)

2:14 pm  

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