Monday, August 01, 2011

GPS Points To Apa....

Two Israeli GPS companies have taken different approachs to driving in the occupied territories. One explicitly lets you avoid driving in them if you wish (I wonder if they will be sued under the new anti-boycott law? Encouraging people to avoid the settlements is now a suable offence in Israel.) The other only allows you to avoid "PA controlled area", thus - not so tacitly - including areas "C" and "B" (more than half the West Bank) is if within Israel proper.

I don't want to make to much of this, but it does highlight the insanity of a country that has effectively annexed most of the West Bank, while extending its legal system only to its original citizens - mosty Jews - and failing to extend its legal framework to the native Palestinian inhabitants. In some places this might be called ....

Read the full article at +972mag.


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