Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Reactions

Following Tuesday's bus bombing in Tel-Aviv, the Jerusalem Post records three reactions from bystanders. They sort of sum up the options.

1. Why can't we all just get along.
At the scene of the bombing on Wednesday, a young Palestinian couple from Qalqilyah walked their daughter away from the bombing, and made their way to the bus station after they had taken their daughter for treatment at Ichilov Hospital around the corner.
As his daughter cried and he tried to calm her fears, father Bader Badir expressed a desire for quiet on both sides, and expressed his opposition to violence against civilians, both in Gaza and in Israel.
2. Bomb them into submission.
Paramedic Israel Kornik said at the site of the bombing “if this is happening while we're talking about a cease-fire why stop? We can't stop, the IDF must keep working until they finish the job.”
3. Negotiate an Agreement
Haim Shefer, 62, said he was at his house about 100 meters from the explosion ...
When asked if he thinks the era of terror attacks could be making a return, he said “I don't think so, they're trying to get us here to show that if we hit them they'll hit us. But we cant win by force and neither can we,” Shefer said, adding “I'm against a ground invasion, it's time for both sides to sit down and talk.”

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